Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of the questions we most often receive.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at:

+1 204.772.4626


Is your chocolate Fair Trade?

At Decadence Chocolates we use both Callebaut and Cacao Barry Chocolate. All products are ethically sourced. They work with the farmers directly in West Africa and South America, educating them and helping them attain the best yield in cacao.

They have a sustainable program called "Growing Great Chocolate for Callebaut" and have recently established Cocoa Horizons which shows all environmental and socio-economic responsibilities.

Why don't you deliver outside the perimeter?

Deliveries can be made outside the perimeter at a charge. Please contact the store for pricing and availability.

Can I request a custom order or custom flavors?

Custom orders are welcome! We are able to print photos and logos onto chocolate and are willing to work with you to find the look and flavor you want.

My husband ate my chocolate, is he going to die?

It is possible. He might be saved by replacing it.

Where can I park?

We have space to park to the rear of the building and you are welcome to enter using the back door.

There is also street parking at the front of the store, mind the fire hydrant.

When do you stop serving ice cream?

We serve ice cream all year. Winter demand dictates the speed of flavour changes and number of flavours.  We are thinking of ways to make more flavours accessible when it's not high season for ice cream.

How long are my chocolates going to last?

Your Decadence chocolates have been created without any artificial preservatives, flavours or stabilisers.

They must be enjoyed within seven days of purchase. Please keep away from direct sunlight and any strong odors.

Do not leave in a warm car as they will melt.

Store in a cool place or in the bottom of the fridge, place the whole box (or individual chocolates) in a ziploc bag. Allow chocolates to come to room temperature before eating.